Our Supply Chain CheckUp is a fully digitized supply chain assessment to identify your current supply chain issues and benchmark your performance against best practices.

Why are we doing this assessment?

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numi uses a lot of advanced algorithms and we want to build trust into numi from the beginning. Further, we want to find your true supply chain problems and focus on the right issues. Assessing your data readiness and defining an appropriate data integration strategy within the CheckUp is another risk assurance for you and us to create sustainable business value.


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Risk Free Implementation

Pain Point Identification


Joint Simulation

Delivery Insights
Delivery Insights

We compare your actual delivery performance against the what-if performance, that numi would have delivered.

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Gain trust in numi with our Supply Chain CheckUp


Data Exchange
Current State Assessment
What-If Simulations
Final Discussion
Data Exchange
Fast and simple data exchange via Excel, no need for integration until numi proved its value.
Current State Assessment
Current State, pain point and root-cause analysis.
What-If Simulations
Joint What-if simulations and algorithm fine tuning based on your business needs.
Final Discussion
Final discussion of results and financial benefit in interactive session.

Frequently asked questions

During the CheckUp, your entire supply chain from supplier to customer is analyzed and optimized. For this purpose, standardized data is required, which is available in every ERP system. To achieve optimal results, we need planning master data, such as inventory parameters, master data, such as current stock levels, as well as transactional data of the past two years, such as sales orders, purchase orders and stock transfers (if applicable), to allow our forecast algorithms to detect seasonality. To speed up the process, data can simply be exchanged once via Excel/CSV to avoid a time-consuming integration before numi has proven its added value. Contact us to receive the data template for the Supply Chain CheckUp.
Your data will be stored during the CheckUp on our encrypted Amazon server located in Germany in accordance with local data protection laws. If no integration is desired, your data will be completely removed from our servers immediately after the discussion of the results. No sensitive data is required to perform the CheckUp, for example, product names can be encrypted in advance so that no conclusions can be made about your business.
During the CheckUp, we highlight four sub-areas of your supply chain: your purchasing, demand planning, inventory planning and your delivery performance to the customer. Usually, this type of assessment compares optimized results with actual values, which often does not happen. To get realistic results, we simulate the past and compare numi's optimization algorithms with reality. We go 12-18 planning periods (weeks or months) into the past and simulate what would have happened if numi had planned at that time. Thus, we can compare the actual performance with the optimized performance and provide more realistic results. The result is a comprehensively populated BI system in which conclusions can be drawn about the performance of the algorithms at all hierarchical levels.
Typically, there are two to three appointments when conducting the CheckUps. The first appointment at the start, where we review the data and discuss your supply chain specific issues, and an appointment after the CheckUp has been performed, where we discuss the results interactively with you. If necessary, another appointment is necessary to design algorithms for specific problems and discuss the results. During the appointments, it is recommended to have an expert available to extract the data, as well as your supply chain specialists.
After the CheckUp, we discuss the results and show the next steps of a possible integration with numi. You will receive access to numi to review and discuss the results internally in your team. If you are convinced of our solution, we develop the interface to your systems and prepare the permanent creation of the recommendations. If you are not fully satisfied with the results, we will improve our algorithms or delete your data completely from our system (see 'How long do you store our data?').

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