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Improve your Supply Chain with ease. numi is designed to make Supply Chain Planning & Execution as simple as possible.
Experience how numi can increase sales and reduce costs for your E-Commerce or Retail business.




Inventory Value


Lost Customer

Typical Challenges

in Supply Chain Management of E-Commerce and Retail businesses

Stockouts and low visibility in product availability

Volatile demand & high customer churn

Challenging planning of complex product segments

Warehouse capacity and cashflow constraints

Efficiency and standardization issues

Supply disruptions and long lead times


Higher Product Availability

Intelligent inventory optimization recommendations

Smart forecasting

Proactive supply lead time predictions and alerting


Reduce Lost Sales

Profit and Sales optimized service levels

Customer and channel analytics and churn prevention

Available-to-Promise optimization


Optimize Inventory Levels

State-of-the-art inventory optimization

Flexible inventory parameter settings and smart product segmentation

Constraints optimized inventory decisions, e.g., Budget, Warehouse, Transport


Enhance Team Efficiency & Collaboration

Simulate impact of decisions and discuss with your team

End-to-end visibility on product and location level

Team collaboration with assign tasks, notifications, and milestones


Proactive Monitoring

Reporting of your historical operations performance

View predictions on your key performance measures

Drill down into root causes


Knowledge Transfer

Support & Training by experienced Supply Chain experts

Supply Chain background information on the platform

Explainable data driven results


Use Case

Learn more about numi in our E-Commerce Use Case


7 steps to reduce Lost Sales in E-Commerce

Most online shoppers can relate to the frustration of reading “Available in 12 weeks” when buying products online. Up to 58% of frustrated shoppers are lost customers due to product unavailability in in-store sales and 65% in online sales. These lost sales are reason enough, to take a closer look at the root causes of out-of-stock situations. That’s what we did together with the leading online store for e-mobility charging stations in Germany.


To provide daily improvement suggestions for your supply chain, we integrate the transaction and planning data from your ERP system. If possible, this is done via an API, which many ERP systems already provide. Otherwise, flat files can be exchanged automatically via an encrypted server.
Additionally, your web shop or CRM systems can be connected to numi. This allows you to enrich numi’s optimization algorithms with further data and improve and synchronize the results back.


Do you use weclapp as your ERP system? Read more about our connector here. More ERP systems will follow.

Frequently asked questions

As with many statistical optimizations, the more data we have, the more accurate the results. For optimal results, numi needs current inventory data, past customer orders (ideally at least the last two years to identify trends and seasonality), purchasing data, and master data. In addition, the data set can also be enriched with external data to increase the accuracy of the forecast methods. Contact us to receive a data template or to discuss integration possibilities.
Your data security is very important to us. Hence, we only pull the data we need to optimize your Supply Chain, and store them on our encrypted database in Frankfurt, Germany, in compliance with local regulations. Customer names for example are not important for supply chain optimization, so we only store the IDs only.
With numi, inventory parameters such as safety stocks, minimum stocks, target stocks or reorder points can be adjusted, purchase requisitions can be created, or supplier delivery times can be corrected. In addition, numi offers the possibility to provide more realistic delivery data for your customers and overwrite it in the ERP system or make it available in your webstore.
Other tools, such as your web shop or your CRM system, can be connected to numi to improve planning in numi on the one hand, and to play optimized results back into your systems on the other. For example, projects can be imported, or website traffic can be used for demand sensing. In addition, numi offers the possibility to provide realistic availability data in your web sshop.
numi is a software-as-a-service product that is billed monthly. The costs are based on the scope of the service and the potential savings, which are determined during our free Supply Chain CheckUp, enabling us to create a fair pricing model tailored to your business.
The data numi needs is available in every ERP system. Some ERP systems offer open interfaces, which means that no effort is required on your side. If your ERP system does not provide an API, the data can usually be extracted relatively easily and exchanged via an SFTP or AWS S3 server provided by numi. Contact us to discuss the integration options.
numi aims to integrate the entire supply chain organization of your company. This includes, for example, material planners, inventory planners, warehouse planners, sales, purchasing and customer support.

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